Sun. Apr 18th, 2021


Posted 1 year ago

Full Eclipse is a synthwave and progressive synth producer from Toronto.

 Synthwave/Retrowave /  Ontario / 139 views

Posted 1 year ago

Synthwave, Synthpop and occasional Chiptune and Vaporwave artist from Montréal. Synths for life!

 Synth-Pop /  Quebec / 189 views

Posted 1 year ago

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, NETRVNNER blends cinematic synth music of the 1980s with experimental songwriting of post-rock bands such as Mogwai and This Will...

 Synthwave/Retrowave /  Alberta / 134 views

Posted 1 year ago

Rabid synth fan, promoter, rookie DJ, co-host on The State of Synth (Nightride.FM) and Beyond Synth High 5.  Occasional album reviews.

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