Sun. Apr 18th, 2021


Posted 1 year ago

Synthwave, Synthpop and occasional Chiptune and Vaporwave artist from Montréal. Synths for life!

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Posted 1 year ago

Primo is the alter-ego of Austin-based musician Laura Lee Bishop. With songs like “Motorcycle in the Milky Way,” an upbeat homage to interplanetary tourism, “Sex...

 Synth-Pop /  Texas / 185 views

Posted 1 year ago

Frisky Monkey is an Atlanta based duo comprised of vocalist Juan Cezar and multi-instrumentalist Douglas Pettus. Together they bring a heady blend of swirling synths,...

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Posted 1 year ago

“Make music because you love it!” Well this headline sums up the philosophy of Australian indie musician, songwriter and music producer Andrew Hetherington. A total...

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I create various styles of music, primarily electronic in nature.  I've been writing music since 1988 producing since 1999. I do mainstream music under the...

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