Tue. Oct 27th, 2020


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Primo is the alter-ego of Austin-based musician Laura Lee Bishop. With songs like “Motorcycle in the Milky Way,” an upbeat homage to interplanetary tourism, “Sex Dreams,” a velvety erotic fantasy, and “Showdown City,” a dramatic face-off of epic proportions, Primo is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re living in 1987… if 1987 was a dangerously sexy, post-apocalyptic wasteland complete with kickass parties, flying motorcycles, and lots of glitter. The wings of this rainbow Pegasus are Primo’s signature powerhouse vocals. She sings with urgency, from the gut, hitting notes so high you’ll wonder if she’s hiding a soprano sax in her throat. With each and every song written and recorded by Primo herself, this rock-n-roll assassin delivers the punch music fans of all genres have been oh-so-eagerly anticipating.

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Texas,United States,78727 ***** http://primothealien.com

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