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Montesque (pronounced ‘mont-es-kew’) is an Euro-Australasian artist and music collaborator, specialising in Synthpop, retrowave and atmospheric, sometimes brooding tracks. Home is split between Brisbane, Australia and Gent, Belgium.

After tinkering with pianos and synths for too many years (20+) and playing live mostly synthpop covers, he decided to finally get those own tunes in his head onto paper. His artist brand is ‘Bubbles and Melancholy’. To explain a little – the music that has always had the biggest impact on him was dual edged – tracks that are joyful, vibrant but with a tinge of sadness at the same time. You know that song that somehow gives you goosebumps and sets off a restless spark within. Think ‘Video Games’ ‘Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime’ or ‘Chasing Pavements’. Music that grips you. A lot of the writing directions he has taken have this sweet melancholy aspect at the core.

Montesque’s music flirts with and combines many genres from funk to classical to synthwave and even nu-disco. Not surprising – considering his musical influences are anything from AIR to Led Zeppelin to Depeche Mode to Roxy Music. Each new Montesque track will fuse the old and the new in interesting ways. He currently has 6-8 original tracks in various stages of development. His 3rd single ‘Darkstone’- a synth infused ‘requiem’, was released on Nov 2, 2018.

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Australia ***** https://montesquemusic.com/

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