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Born in 1989 music since 6 years old. After learning how to master classical guitar with Juan José Sáenz Gallego, harmony with Luis Ángel Martínez Sánchez and composition with Antonio Noguera Guinovart in Ataúlfo Argenta Músic School (Santander) decided to dedicate whole career to it.

Thanks to theorical base acquired in music schools, he plays many instruments, sings and writes in a lot of styles.

“If i don’t know how to do it, just give me some weeks.”

Solo guitar in “Meigha”

  • Segredos e Lendas Album
  • Segredos e lendas Gig
  • O Pirata Drake Videoclip
  • Bandoleira

Composer for “In Arcadia Ego” (2015-2017)

Composer and producer OST

  • L.A. Temptations (phone videogame on development)
  • Guaranpis (explorer/app game)
  • Jinetes de Kal (RPG)
  • Neon Flytron


Solo Artist as MisterMyr since 25th of July, 2019

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Spain,UK/Europe,15703 *****

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