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Andrew Hetherington

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“Make music because you love it!”

Well this headline sums up the philosophy of Australian indie musician, songwriter and music producer Andrew Hetherington. A total love of music is what draws him into his studio on a daily basis and occupies most of his waking thoughts. “I make music that moves my soul, that makes me jive, play air guitar and feel good”, he states. Andrew creates 80s synth-pop songs, his style is heavily influenced by the style of music he grew up with during the 70s and 80s and is characterized by a strong melody, tight harmony and time-honored rhythms that will appeal to anyone with an ear for a classic pop song.

After playing guitar and bass in local bands for about fifteen years, in 2017 he began to dabble with making music at home and what started out as a casual experiment has grown into a full-time obsession. Andrew discovered that he possessed a real knack for making a song and shortly afterwards began sharing his musical creations with the world. In recent times Andrew’s music has caught the eyes and ears of music bloggers, playlist curators and community radio stations who have been pleased to share his music with their audience.

I’m plunged back into the source era every time I listen to “Life Is Strange”. Though saturated in that retro 80’s vibe, it has such a strong, innovative execution. Beautiful vocal harmonies, catchy melody, as well as immaculate dynamics and mood.” – Jamm. R., TunedLoud Music Blog. May 28, 2019.

Life Is Strange is a retrowave song concerning the ironic twists and turns we all experience in life. Up one minute and down the next, rich then poor and then rich again. The track begins with a stella guitar solo that traps the listener from the first listen. The drums then build the rhythm and direct the composition. The vocals are ambient-like and unique. This is a unique track that performs well in multiple areas. I highly recommend this track”. Penza. N., Fresh Out Of The Booth, June 1, 2019.

His original song ‘Life Is Strange’ has been awarded highly commended and semi-finalists placements in the Song Of The Year and UK Songwriting Contests. Andrew has independently released a handful of singles and most recently a six-track EP of synth-pop songs entitled ‘In Space’, which both represent his best work to date.

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